2016-17 Yellow Rose Society

A unique opportunity for supporters of Chandler Service Club…

With an annual contribution of $1,000 you will be investing in the future of

Chandler Service Club programs and the families we serve!

Enjoy the distinction of this special group of supporters.

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Cindy Berry

Teresa and David Berry

Amy and Rick Berry

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bingham

Mr. and Mrs. Brentwood T. Brooks

Kris and Ladd Campbell

Mrs. Marylou Carpenter

Mr. and Mrs. John Chapman

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cooley

Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Dobson

Jen and Mike Felker

Tammy Fontaine

Ms. Renee Hamstra

Mr. and Mrs. William Brian Hanger

CC and Brett Henkel

Cindy and Joe Johnston

Blaise and David Jorgensen

Mr. and Mrs. John Morehouse

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Nagamoto

Jinx Whiteman Patterson

Mike and Sandra Pike

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver C. Ross III

Mary and Wilson Rudd

Jacki and Jay Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Serrano

Linda and Forrest Tate

Elizabeth Thelander

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Thelander

Christine and Brent Thomas