kids on their own Program (koto)

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Chandler Service Club’s Kids on Their Own (KOTO) Program is a direct response to the astonishing rate of poverty we are currently witnessing in our community (City of Chandler). These are local children/families who do not qualify for McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Government Program or CYIT/Homeward Bound.
This population of children/families are homeless, are hungry, couch surf, live in their cars and/or on the streets. Fragile and self- conscious, this population needs assistance to help ease their hardships to be able to achieve their goals to break the cycle of poverty and graduate from high school to better their lives.
Chandler Service Club’s mission is to help these students/families with basic everyday necessities, such as living expenses, school related expenses, food, clothing and urgency hardships that may come their way.
Chandler Service Club works directly with the Chandler Unified School District No. 80 Director of Federal Programs and State Initiatives and Academic FIT (Families in Transition) Tier Two Program staff. The Director and her staff identify the school children and/or families who are most in need and will benefit from Chandler Service Club’s financial assistance.