our membership

2019 – 20 Executive Board

President Mrs. Tammy Doughty
Vice President Mrs. Stacy Campbell
Secretary Carolyn Standifird
Treasurer Bridget Hanger
Flower Girl Chairman 2019-20

Flower Girl Chairman 2020-21

Jen Felker and Mrs. Jacki Ryan.

Mrs. Jen Delfer and Mrs. Jacki Ryan.

Fundraising Co-Chairman Jami Bourdo & Michelle Wood
86th Charity Ball Chairmen Bonnie Brooks & Blasie Jorgensen
Philanthropy Chairman Mrs. CC Henkel
Public Relations Chairman Mrs. Heather Patterson
Ex-Officio Mrs. Jacki Ryan

2019-2020 Active Membership

Jeanne Bohman
Bonnie Brooks
Pam Budinger
Stacy Campbell
Missy Cooley
Susan Crabtree
Jill Deutsch
Tammy Doughty

Jen Felker
Kim Fickert
Nicole Galindo
Karely Galindo
Bridget Hanger
CC Henkel
Blaise Jorgensen
Myranda Molina

Deanna Costa
Heather Patterson
Sandi Roberts
Billie Ross
Jacki Ryan
Ann Saba
Carolyn Standifird
Karen Woodruff

Liz Thelander
Pam Thelander
Christine Thomas
Leslie Updike
Claudia Wollschlager
Michelle Wood

founding members

Chandler Service Club was originally known as the Junior Service Guild. Organized in January 1933 by a small group of women of modest means to provide hot lunches for Chandler school children whose parents were victims of The Great Depression. Our Founding Members are:

Helen Newhouse Handley
Elizabeth “Betty” (Mrs. W. Earl) Pernell
Gladys “Babe” (Mrs. Edward T.) Blake
Madison (Mrs. Leslie L.) Frances
Marian Johnson (Mrs. Leonard H.) Edwards

Pearl (Mrs. Floyd H.) Bouton
Louise “Sue” (Mrs. Frank W.) Beer
Eleanor (Mrs. Frank) Fogal
E. Josephine Stiles (Mrs. U. Lloyd) Eikenberry