weekenders food program


Our Weekenders programis a direct response to the astonishing rate of poverty we are currently witnessing in our own community. There are children in our schools who are hungry and have little to eat, other than the federally funded weekday lunches that some, but not all children, qualify for. Once they leave school for the weekend, some children may go until Monday without nutritious food, or perhaps any food whatsoever.

Click on the ONLINE TAX CREDIT DONATION link below to learn how you can get a dollar-for-dollar Arizona state tax credit benefitting the Chandler Service Club Weekenders Program.

online tax credit donation

We work directly with the teachers and school staff to identify the children who are most in need of weekend food. With the help of Arizona Brainfood, a local non-profit food pantry,   5 lb bags of nutritious snacks, microwave meals and other kid friendly food are assembled and delivered to the schools on each Friday during the school year. The bags are discreetly placed in the childrens’ backpacks and taken home to provide a weekend of healthy meals. On Monday mornings the children return to school alert and ready to learn, with their self esteem and physical health intact.

Now you can support our Weekenders program by directing your tax dollars to Arizona Brainfood. Click below to see how ! It’s a WIN – WIN for you and Chandler children!