• Current and past Flower Girls are cordially invited to join the White Glove Society.
  • We are honored to add your name to the list of Flower Girls who pledge to make a yearly commitment in support of Chandler Service Club and our service to the community. All donations directly benefit our programs that feed and clothe needy Chandler children.
  • A parent, sponsor, or club member may donate on behalf of a Flower Girl.
  • Membership requires an annual minimum donation of $25 to stay connected to Chandler Service Club and the Flower Girl Program. Yearly renewal is encouraged to ensure ongoing support of our programs.

  • White Glove Society members are invited to CSC events, will receive annual publications and will be recognized in our ball program and on our website.  Those who join by February 1, 2019 will be recognized in our 2019 Charity Ball program.
  • Most importantly, your enrollment in the White Glove Society will demonstrate your support of Chandler Service Club’s Flower Girls and programs that will continue to improve the lives of families in our community.

To join the White Glove society or renew your membership follow this link or download this form and send to Chandler Service Club PO Box 1243 Chandler AZ 85244

Contact Karen Woodruff for more information about the White Glove Society

White Glove Society Members

Courtnie Marie Dobson Angel2000
Nathalie Marie Austin2018
Katherine Alice Barron2016
Tiffany Machelle Pedersen Berge2001
Lauren Grace Birkelo2018
Kelsey Jeanne Bohman2008
Bridget Ann Bohman2011
Mackenzie Jane Budinger2016
Camryn Alayne Carrillo2018
Hannah Elizabeth Chrismar2017
Hannah Christ2016
Ainslee Hanger Colgrove2010
Dawn Machelle Dobson Cosenza1979
Britney Shea Cushing2004
Alexis April DeLaveaga2004
Adelina Diaz2017
Allison Jane Dobson2013
Jennifer Leigh Wray Dobson1977
Callie Grace Doughty2016
Mary Emily Herbert Dunn2010
Devon Ryan Green2013
Lindsey Marie Grootegoed2017
 Kathlene Melisa Hartle2016
Brooke Marie Hinkle2016
Jamie Lynn Irwin2007
Mary Lou Irwin1963
 Allison Ann Javernick2016
Moira Meaghan Kelly2016
Cara Lee Steiner Kiggins2003
Taylor Knoll2016
Katherine Herbert Kotlarczyk1998
Addison Leigh Lavis2017
Jessica Paige Irwin Marbell2007
Samantha Mason2017
Cassidy Reece McVey2017
Molly Elizabeth Bohman Muse2005
Ava Marie Neddermeyer2017
Athena Raquel North2018
 Jana Hamilton Pace1963
Gretchen Pace1988
Candace Rae Dobson Pedersen1977
Alyssa Noelle Prothro2016
Alexandra Elizabeth Rudd Quinn2005
 Emily Melissa Reynolds2007
 Allison Leigh Reynolds 2011
Sarah Herbert Robbins2000
Kirsten Ronning2016
Abby Mackenzie Rudd2011
Elizabeth Ryan Rueter1985
Devon Nicole Rusk2014
Dana Lindsey Sackrider2000
Elizabeth Schroeder2017
 Abigail R Schroeder
Jaycie Linn Scremin2017
Sheryl Irwin Shipp1977
Molly Ryan Smith1983
Chelsea Pace Snesko1995
Mackenzie Ryanne Spade2017
Christa Anne Steiner2005
Holly Christine Dobson Taylor2002
Stacy Elizabeth Thelander 2004
Jessica Ann Thomas2014
Bethanie Humphrey Thompson1996
Allison Wallace1994
Jordan Bourne Weidner2017
Ashlyn Marie Weninger2016